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Tamara Hartley is the owner and founder of Message and Motivation, a platform devoted to helping people like you share their message and inspire the world. She creatively combines her passion for encouraging and empowering others with her knowledge and professional expertise as a creative consultant (specializing in branding, marketing, publishing, and digital strategies) to help speakers, expert authors, coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs craft their message and develop their brands. In addition she  teaches her clients how to expand their brands and reach more people through content marketing, book publishing, coaching programs, and the creation of multiple digital products, programs and events.

Tamara has an extensive creative background and spent a large part of her professional career working with the nation’s largest African-American directory publisher, where she led creative teams and directed the production of 22 annual publications. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in marketing promotions and a dual-disciplined master’s degree in marketing and communication.

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