Book Publishing Bootcamp

Write and publish a book to establish yourself as an expert and market your signature message.

Virtual Bootcamp for Speakers, 
Nonfiction/Expert Authors and Coaches

Successfully write and publish your book! 
Get the knowledge, tools and resources you need to publish your book and build your platform.


I'll teach you everything you need to know about proper book registration copyrights, and formatting.


I'll give you the tools you need to plan, outline and structure your content. NEVER have writer's block again!


Get access to my extensive database of creative professionals to help you design, edit and produce your book.

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What You'll Be Learning

What does the actual course content look like? Watch this video and let Tamara share the details.

Week #1

Getting Started: What Type of Book Do You Want to Write?

  • Subject, Content and Outline
  • Structure and Development
  • Developing a Writing Schedule
  • Tips and tricks for getting your book "out of your head"

Week #2

Content: What to Include in Your Book

  • Front Matter: Foreword/Introduction
  • Book Endorsements
  • Acknowledgments

Week #3

Book Registration

  • Book Registration/ISBN Number
  • Library of Congress
  • Serials and Volumes
  • Copyright

Week #4

Design, Editing, Graphics and Printing

  •  Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
  • Determining Book Size and Layout
  • Working with and Selecting Publishing Professionals (Editors, Copyeditors, Graphic Designers and Printers)
  • Kindle and eBooks

Week #5

Marketing and Promotion: Getting the Word Out

  • PR/Marketing Plan
  • Distribution/Fulfillment
  • Book Signing/Media Tour

if you are serious about becoming an expert in your field
and marketing your message to a broader audience,
you don't want to miss this training

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